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      This was an older book and I found it a bit hard to find what I was looking for. I'll have to spend more time on it and more detail going through to try and find something useful.

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    This article was very helpful, it contains information about the concept of montage, about Eisenstein, and also about instances of Soviet montage being used in film.

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      This book seems like it has almost everything on the history of documentary films. They have all the dates and times when the documentary films changed all for different reason, whether it was war propaganda films or cinema verite, etc. I'm going to have to find out what to focus on to be able to use this book to my full advantage.

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      This book didn't have a lot of information on the history or background of documentaries. What it did do though, is talk about different documentary films on pages 76-78. It gave me a better understanding of what to look for in other documentaries and how to incorporate it into my chapter.

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    This article contains useful information in regards to her book and her writings, most of the information in this article we deemed to not be relevant to the focus of the paper.

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    Gives you a brief definition of slow motion. After the definition you are given the origin of slow motion; was invented by the Austrian priest and physicist August Musger. Tells us how his new invention worked and how it has developed to today's world.

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      This website helped me a great deal when looking for definitions and examples of squibs.

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