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Why are so many people particularly intrigued by action? Do they live for the thrill? Not everyone can live very exciting lives but that does not mean they cannot get their dose of action.

Most everyone enjoys a good action movie. You do not see many chick flicks becoming top grossing movies, not because they are not good, but just because they merely are not exciting enough for everyone to enjoy. Action movies are mainly aimed toward audiences from the age of 13 to mid 30s ("Action Films") These films are made up of a lot of high energy, physical stunts, races, rescues, battles, destruction, explosions, and non-stop motion that keeps viewers on their toes.

The highest grossing movies are mainly action packed movies. The highest grossing film of all-time is the action/adventure Avatar (2009), which made a whopping $760,505,847 at the box office. We watch these movies in complete awe of what is happening. Everything happens so fast in these films that our minds race. "Did he really just kill that guy?" "Did that really just blow up?" We see all this and are totally mesmerized by it, but what we do not understand is what goes on behind the scenes. No one really knows how much hard work it takes to create an action movie.

Time is an extremely essential part in movie making. It usually takes around two years to create a movie, but in some cases it can take much longer than that. The movie Avatar, took about five years to create, mostly due to all the technology and special effects needed to create it.

Aside from any of the special effects put into an action movie, there is still a great deal of real action that happens. One of the biggest necessities for creating an exciting, explosive action film is money. If someone is creating a low budget action film, you can almost guarantee it is going to look fake and probably will not be too thrilling to watch.

One of the more well-known action directors of this time is Michael Bay who created the Transformers movies (2007-2014). Bay's films are known for high number of explosions throughout them. These movies take hundreds of millions of dollars to create, which seems extremely absurd to spend on a movie, but because they make so much money no one in the film industry seems to blink an eye before throwing this obscene amount money at these films.

Action films were not always all about the money and budget. Along with everything else in the world that is evolving, film making is definitely always evolving and changing. It was not until the 1980s when stunts, explosions, and high budgets became the standard in action films ("The Evolution of Action Film Genre" ). Along with budget changes, there is also a change in what movie watchers will deem acceptable in terms of reality. If someone is watching a completely unrealistic scene in a movie, they are most likely going to get annoyed and think how that could not possibly ever happen in real life. Now, unrealistic does not mean cars turning into huge, transforming robots because that is obviously pretty likely, right? The kind of unrealistic that is going to cause potential hatred of a film means, for example, when there are twenty bad guys shooting at one guy and none of them seem to be able to hit their target; not even once.

A lot of explosions that are in action movies are mostly done with a green screen or they use a stunt double near the explosion instead of the actor. These stunt doubles risk their lives to make a living by doing extreme, dangerous stunts. Without green screens and explosions, action films would be nothing in today's film industry (Hamilton 44). To guarantee everyone's safety when using explosives, directors must hire pyrotechnicians (Hamilton 44). These individuals are responsible for the storage, handling, and functioning of explosive devices. A firing box allows the pyrotechnician to operate at a safe distance from explosions but also to have complete control over the explosives.

Almost everyone takes pleasure in watching a good action film. No one can resist an intense on the edge of your seat movie. With chases, gun fights, and explosions, action movies will almost always leave you wanting more. These films have brought in a great amount of money for film makers. Even if a movie is not an action genre, it is still most likely going to have some kind of action scene. Action can be added into any movie to make it more exciting. Without action movies, the film industry would not be what it is today.

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A scene from Avitar with green screen (left) and how it appeared in the movie (right).

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