"Jonathan Favreau"

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Going to the movies has become a favorite past time in America with at least one film grossing over $100,000,000 each year. Jonathan Favreau began to leave his mark on the movie industry by acting/directing several well-known movies such as Rudy (1993), Batman Forever (1995), and even the beloved Christmas movie, Elf (2003). It could be argued that as an actor/director, Favreau is one of the most committed and passionate players in the industry today.

Favreau was born on 19 October 1966 in Queens, New York. He graduated from Bronx High School of Science and dropped out of Queens College just a few credits short of graduating. After dropping out in 1988, he moved to Chicago, Illinois to pursue a life he desired—acting. In the Windy City, he would begin working on comedy and improvisational acting.

Favreau's first big break came when he played a role in the movie Rudy. After playing this role, he would soon appear in several other films and TV shows such as Undeclared (2001), Daredevil (2001), and Seinfeld. His directorial debut was Made (2001). This would lift off his career as a producer, which he had a dream to become. "I've always wanted to call the shots because I would rather fail that not have a chance to figure it out on my own" he said, which goes to show not only how bad he wanted to be a director, but also his gung-ho attitude.

As his directing career continued, he began to hit it bigger and bigger with his films. Several successes included Elf, Zathura (2005), and Daredevil (2003). With the desire to keep producing new movies, he teamed up with Marvel Comics to produce some of the most beloved super hero movies of all time. Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010) grossed $2.4 billion worldwide and has been his biggest success. He did not direct the third movie in this francise due to being busy with another movie called Chef (2014).

When beginning work for the movie Chef, Favreau went through six weeks of formal training and even worked at several restaurants in Los Angeles to get a better feel for working in the restaurant business. It is impressive that he shows that he wants to be as convincing as he can be when acting. Today, you do not really hear about actors/producers going this far out of their way to better a movie. In an interview with Popmatters, Favreau said, "I'm usually writing more about mood, for the actors, and for the people who are reading it as a story unfolding, not so much so they'll see my vision as a director."

Favreau is not well known for his amazing talent as a director. He's more familiar for his impressionable roles in films. He decided to deviate for his acting and move forward with directing and producing movies. Favreau has allowed himself to take chances and shared his creative thoughts by bringing them alive on the big screen, which has set the standards for his future.

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