"George Lucas"

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"A long long time ago in a galaxy far away…" This start to all Star Wars movies is known throughout the world. Just hearing them causes you to think of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, but who is the man that created these memorable words? The creative director and producer of the Star Wars' franchise is none other than George Lucas. But what was the inspiration for these films and where did he start his career?

Lucas is a very talented author and director but where did he find his inspiration? In an interview done by the Academy of Achievement, Lucas states that he was always interested in anthropology, sociology, and psychology. He stated that when he learned that he could combine them all into one job he was instantly hooked on film making. Within the same interview Lucas also states that "I was addicted to history people like Alexander the great up to Civil War."

Through this one quote, we are able to understand where Lucas began developing ideas for Star Wars. Like much Greek writing, they are epic stories and Star Wars is no different. George Lucas used the history and epics he loved and based his own story off similar themes. Lucas found the inspiration he needed of the science and the story telling aspect of his film making. The first Star Wars movie came out on 25 May 1977.

This huge success was just the beginning of George Lucas's long career. After the first movie Star Wars: A New Hope , Lucas created five more movies in his saga. The total Star Wars franchise made an estimated "27,000,000 dollars with toys, novels, movies, and apparel." As one can see, with just these movies, George Lucas was a huge success in the movie industry. However many people may not know that Lucas had many more successes besides the Star Wars franchise.

Not only was Lucas the writer, producer, and director of Star Wars, he also directed the Indiana Jones movies. To many, these movies were as amazing as Star Wars was. The Indiana Jones franchise made an estimated $317,101,119 dollars with apparel, movies, and toys."

Lucas has been nominated for forty-four academy awards and has won sixteen Oscars. Not only does Lucas have a long list of movie success, but he is also the owner of many movie companies that run lights and graphics within the industry. He owns and runs THX, Skywalker Sound, and Industrial Light and Magic. All three companies are very successful.

THX has played a role in creating movies such as Aladin (1992), Avatar (2009), and The Incredibles (2004). All of which are very successful and well known movies. Industrial Light and Magic has worked in movies such as Transformers (2007), Avatar, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ( 2006).

Due to his wide range over the industry Lucas has become one of the geniuses in film making. Lucas was truly a gifted writer and producer as well as director. His love for adventure and epic stories clearly inspired him to create such a master piece in filmmaking. His early life led him to be successful and create some of the largest companies in film making. Without Lucas we would never have been able to enjoy the beauty of his epic tale of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

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