Hosoda Mamoru

Primary Author: Dominic Valentini

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Mamaru Hosoda is a forty seven year old, Japanese director. He was born on 19 September 1967. His specialty is animated films; particularly of the fantasy genre.

Some of the most notable works he had directed are The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), Summer Wars (2009), and Wolf Children (2012). In his career, he has achieved many accomplishments and earned many awards for his films. Some of these awards include the best feature debut in the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival in 2013, Best Animated Film in the Mainichi Film Concours in 2012, and the Best Animated Feature Film award in the Catalonian Film Festival in both 2006 and 2009. He has also won every Tokyo Anime Award he has been nominated for between 2007 and 2013, accounting for 10 awards total ranging from Best Screenplay to Best Director, to Best Animation of the Year.