"Discussing Race: Remember the Titans"

Riley Bruen
February 24, 2014

Remember the Titans is based on actual events that took place in 1971 when a white high school was integrated with black students when three schools were combined. The two schools also combined football teams. The black coach is chosen to be the head coach of the integrated team, leaving the previous white head coach to be the assistant. The team has to struggle to get over their differences to win.

The film deals with racism and segregation and shows the opposition from both whites and blacks on racial integration of schools. The filmmakers created the film to show audiences the struggle the football team went through and how they overcame their differences. I thought the film was phenomenally made due to the acting and the music.

A huge part of the film was the impressive acting and character development. Some big names such as Denzel Washington, Will Patton and Hayden Panettiere all played significant roles in the film. These actors' remarkable performance really helps to make the film believable and made the characters more relatable. The acting supported the character development and the audience finds themselves completely consumed into the characters' lives. When something happens to the characters, the audience feels like they really understand these characters emotions. This is an enormous part of the film; the audiences' emotional response.

Music plays a huge role in Remember the Titans. The authors of this film utilized the music to show the growing relationship between the blacks and whites on the football team. At the beginning of the film, every one of the black football players sings and participates in the music in some form. The white football players, however, look at the music as being annoying. By the end of the film, everyone is singing together. It provides the filmmakers with a way to depict the overcoming struggle of race and segregation the football players, and the coaches, have been through. The music also touches the audience on an emotional level. Many of the songs in the film such as Aint No Mountain High Enough are classics and most everyone watching the film, knows the words and knows the song.

Remember the Titans is an extraordinary film that will leave viewers contemplating issues of race and racial segregation. It brings in the viewers on an emotional level through the great characters and the believable actors that play them. It also uses music and sound to illustrate emotions.

Remember the Titans (2009)