Karma Lesson Plan

Ryan Barrera
March 16, 2015

Objective of the Lesson Plan

Nirnayam (2012)[1:33] provides a way to discuss what students think Karma is and how it relates to Buddhism. They will gain a greater knowledge of what it means. Obviously everyone has a general idea of what Karma is and how it works but the video will show how, through karma, our actions come full circle in the system of Buddhism.

Lesson Plan

Step One

    Have the student discuss with each other what they believe Karma is and how it works. Also ask them what part of the world believes in karma and Buddhism.

Step Two

    Screen Nirnayam [Decision]. Make sure to ask the students to make sure they pay attention to detail and to try and find ways they can relate to the video.

Step Three

    After the students have seen the short film, have them discuss their thoughts of the film as well as the task you gave them before showing the film (attention to detail/ relate).

    After the students have talked about the short film for about 5-10 minutes, have them discuss with the whole class their views and thoughts about the film.

Step Four

    After listening to the students, you should fill in the blanks to what the students missed. For example, the video appearing to be filmed in India, a part of the world in which Buddhism originated and uses Karma as a way of life in guiding individual actions for good fortune.

Click on the image to watch Nirnayam.