Teaching "Sacred Consumption" with an International Film

Kenning Brichford
17 March 2015

Purpose of Lesson

By incorporating Something Nice (2013) [6:55] when teaching the concept of "sacred consumption" in a business class, you show that this is a universal, human concept.

Lesson Plan

Part 1: Pre-Class Homework

    Have students bring in something important to them (nostalgic item or family heirloom.

Part 2: Discussion

    Before showing the film:

    • Share the story of the item with the class.

    • Encourage a discussion from students about items in their lives that are special to them.

Part 3: Screen Something Nice

Part 4: After Showing Something Nice

    After screening the film:

    • Introduce the idea of sacred consumption, and how the doll in the film took on sacred meaning to the girl after the passing of her brother.

    • Explain the sacralization of products as it relates to the doll in the film.

    • Explain the desacralization of products as it relates to the food in the film that became meaningless to the girl without her brother to share it with.

    • Express how the international film shows that this is a universal, human concept.

Click on the image to watch Something Nice.

Image from Viral Fleek.