Lost Memories and Social Media Obsession

Emily Grummel
March 22, 2015

Purpose of Lesson

The short film Lost Memories (2002) [2:48] takes a glance into social media obsession. This topic will relate to psychology and our human face-to-face interaction.

Lesson Plan

Step One: Activity

    Take a survey to see how many different social media outlets the students use as well as how often they use them and what motivates the students to use social media. Have the students write this on a piece of paper and then flip it over on their desks.

Step Two: Screen Film

    Screen Francios Ferracci's Lost Memories.

Step Three: Post Discussion

    After the class has screened the short film Lost Memories ask them to flip over their sheet of paper if they in any way related to the amount of social media being used by the man in the film.

    Discuss their perception of the film?

Step Four: Summary

    Touch on the importance of face-to-face human interaction and the benefits of it. Give examples of both visual and verbal effects of how the brain is affected by too much technology use. Finally, challenge the students to try to minimize the amount of time they use technologies on a weekly basis by ¼.

Step Four: Follow-up

    A week later, briefly touch base with the students to see how the students reacted to the film and to the discussion.

Click on the image to watch Lost Memories.