Avoid Stereotyping by Understanding What It Is

Ruth Jeffery
March 16, 2015

Stereotyping has been around for centuries. Why do we do it? Who propagates stereotypes? Sociologists have been pondering these questions and bring awareness to the subject.

Purpose of Lesson

Stella (2009) [7:24] provides an instructor with a way to facilitate a class discussion on how we can avoid stereotyping by understanding what it is and why we do it.

Lesson Plan

Step 1: Talk about Stereotypes

    Ask your students to give examples of what they have heard, experienced, and seen on a daily basis.

    Write their comments down on the chalkboard.

Step 2: Review Movie

    Without explaining the foreign film, show Stella. Let them know that it has subtitles.

Step 3: Discussion

    After screening Stella, use the following questions as prompts for a discussion to get students to realize that we all stereotype that we all have preconceived notions of people

    • Which character did you think was Stella?
    • Why did you think the brunette was Stella? Is it because she had the rough life? Her piercings? Her story? Her looks?
    • How did you feel when the redhead turned out to be Stella? Were you surprised?
    • Why is this movie a good example of stereotypes?

Step 4: Why

    Define stereotypes. Talk about how the media, our parents, and peers help define our own stereotypes.

Click on the image to watch Stella.