Is There a Limit to Self Expression?

Jacob Kirsten
March 22, 2015

Purpose of Lesson

French for Foreigners (2013) [12:36] touches on a very controversial topic in multiple countries: Is there a limit to self expression?

Lesson Plan

Part 1: Discussion

    Start a brief discussion on the general acceptance of religious clothing in public places such as the classroom.

Part 2: Screen Film

    Screen French for Foreigners.

Part 3 Discussion

    After the film was screened the instructor should start the discussion by asking these questions:

    • Is suppression of expression for the best of society?

    • Would society benefit more from exposure to cultures, and do limits need to be placed on that too?

    • Are those who feel expression should be curtailed doing so because they feel it disrupts the status quo too much?

    By the end of the discussion, the class should have come to general terms on what might be the best for society, and why.

    A topic as sensitive as this can get heated, but the instructor needs to keep the debate constructive and professional.

Click on the image to watch French for Foreigners.