The Lesson of Perfection in Health and Wellness

Cody Petrlich
March 17, 2015

Purpose of Lesson

Perfection (2004) [6:24] showcases what could happen if an individual attempts to be perfect their whole life. Using this plan will remind the students that trying their best is important, but trying to be "perfect" all the time will lead to an unhappy, unhealthy life.

Lesson Plan

Part 1: Discussion

    First, the instructor should begin a conversation by asking:

    • What is the difference between being perfect and trying your best?

    • Why do some individuals have to make everything "perfect"?

    • Does it add more stress?

    Part 2: Discussion

      Next, the instructor should screen the film Perfection.

    Part 2: Discussion

      The instructor should continue to discuss about being a perfectionist. For example:

      • Discuss the difference between trying your best and being a perfectionist.
      • The psychology of being a perfectionist.
      • Remind them that they can't always be perfect and that's ok, because they will be alright in the end.
      • Give tips to help reduce stress.

      At the end of the discussion, the class should have a better understanding of what it is like to be a perfectionist and how to help perfectionist become less stressed.

Click on the image to watch Perfection.